Launch of The Biggest Coin Exchange Comparison Site in the World


Hi all,

We have been working hard for you over the last few months and now we are finally live… Let us present, a site where you can easily compare the different things you need in the crypto world!

You can, for instance:

compare between 250+ exchanges,
compare all of the casinos where you can play for cryptocurrency,
compare all of the available crypto wallets,
compare the places where you can buy goods for bitcoin, and
compare the different debit cards you can load with bitcoin.
Did you know that the taker fees of the exchanges out there range from a staggering 2.00% to as low as -0.01% (that’s right, you get paid as a taker)? Or that the withdrawal fees for withdrawing 10 BTC range from 0 to as high as 0.1 BTC? At’s Exchanges Tab you will get an instant overview of all exchanges in the industry and their respective offerings! Our purpose is to provide the tools an investor needs to be able to find his/her best cryptocurrency exchanges site, best altcoin wallet, or whatever other thing he/she might need in the world of crypto. We want to facilitate for new crypto investors, but also be a platform where experienced crypto investors can assess whether their current trading setup still provides the best offer for their respective individual needs.

We highly appreciate any feedback from you. So please, visit the site, give us your experience of the various exchanges/casinos/cards/wallets/merchants by giving them your 1-5 star rating, and tell your friends and family. Please also note that we will add additional features and functionality over the coming weeks, so don’t forget to check in every then and now to see what we’re up to.



Great service!! Really like the Exchange Finder