Stop waiting (hoping) for Ripple's Q4 report


Many expect this report to be the fuel to the XRP rocket but Please don’t expect to much from it and stop giving hope to XRP new holders for the simple reason that this type of reports are not built for announcing news but recap the achievement made and next target. Just think about it, which of the following would have more impact to gain visibility: social media/newspaper or ripple website?? The answer is obvious so if announcement are made it will be through an official press release or announced by The CEO not in a quarterly report. If you looked at the historical report, what we can expect to see is the following in the order: - Summary of the SWELL conference dated Oct-17 - AMEX partnership dated Nov-17 - Escrow release dated Dec-17 - XRP December rally - announcement that xRapid partnership are in the Pipeline

And as usual: - review of XRP performance during Q4 - performance of the entire crypto - potentially update on Government crackdown/ban of certain crypto exchange

Also, it might be simple but a Q4 report will not announce news of Q1!!!

I would be very surprised it happen differently. If any news to come, follow Brad Twitter.

I may be wrong but with the recent dip in XRP, too many are looking for THE good news with the hope to recover quickly. This sub might be too realistic for people but better to advice ahead than getting a bad surprise . Especially that with the volatility in crypto-sphere, we (as a community) should be very cautious with these expectations. As (if) no news is in this report, price could dip even more so in is not in our interest to propagate false hope.

For sake of clarity , I am XRP holder so playing in the same court as you :slight_smile:

Of course, Any criticism or comment are welcome.



It is good to have normal expectations. Rome was not build in one day.