Technical Analysis - Indicator Signal Sheet


Put your indicator’s outcome on given timeframes to check your strategy

Some indicators have other settings for other timeframes. but basically you want to have some statistics on how good your strategy is. it can help to check for mistakes in the strategy if you made loss. or it can help decide if you should take a trade. you want to have more then 1 indicator and more then 1 timeframe to confirm your strategy
in the end im checking over preset timeframe settings and just draw an arrow up down or side. and when you have all arrows going down to the 4h pattern then you could take a short trade with the confidence that your trade should be a win. when market is going in other direction on every frame then the market isnt confident and thus the risk is extremely high
in the end this doesnt help take entrys or targets but it can help to confirm your own idea. or it can help to determine mistakes. it can help to find a bad indicator. and so on, however you use it.