Trading new coins


What do you think which one is better for trading new coins, like FTO. Piyasa or Yobi?


You should use the Exchange Finder here:

It’s a matching robot, where you can input the coin you want to trade, and you will be matched with the different exchanges offering trading in that coin and also give you information on how such exchange’s users have rated the exchange.

Good luck!


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Buy new coins at for a subsidized, hold it for a while and sell it in a couple of months at a very good price.


AML Bitocin has an anti-theft and know your client technology, imagine all the posibilities this coins has. It will be the coin used by almost all industries for their transactions as they are also focused in business industries.


I will NEVER suggest anyone to be fooled by the limelight of so many options. It is BETTER that we keep our focus entirely on major options that are worthy. Bitcoin is the obvious name and with recent news that shows how Bitcoin can’t be manipulated by giants, it only enhanced my confidence and I believe it is something that we should take very seriously. With offer financial markets, there is huge problem of manipulation, but not to be with Crypto markets.