What is the best crypto for investing in 2018?


What is the best crypto for investing in 2018? I heard about FTO


read this


No matter what cryptocurrency you invest in. The main purpose of investing in cryptocurrency is earning maximum profit. Also, if you are looking to advertise in crypto-based advertising platform then Adconity may suit best for your needs as it is a bitcoin-based advertising platform for advertisers and publishers with competitive options. Visit the website for more info.


What can you say about Piyasa, Futurocoin?


Do you hear something about FTO or Piyasa?


I think about investing in new coins, like Yobi, FTO, because they are not yet known in the market and cheap


Are you looking for long term investment or short term investment.


I think that long term, so I decide about fto, because in my opinion it will be cost more


For long term …there is only one option BTC …no one else grew straight 9 years and have this much support from the community


ok, and if short term?


For short term



Thank you, but I have a question. What can you say about fto and yobi?


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There are many ways to invest in Bit coin/ Cryptocurrency. The best and easiest way to invest in cryptocurrency with a real gold back is GoldBitsCoin.

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It cannot be guessed that which cryptocurrency is best to invest in. It’s just the matter of preferences. You just have to have to keep an eye on the cryptos you have been looking for. Just try to keep focus on limited cryptos as going for too many cryptos might confuse you and you might get distracted from the important ones. Also, if you are looking for advertising your business on a crypto-based advertising platform, then Adconity may best suit your needs. Visit the website for more information.