Why You Should Get Blockchain Certified (Even if You’re Not a Developer)

lockchain is one of the highest in-demand, candidate-short industries. But the demand doesn’t just apply to developers (who are paid very handsomely). We’re seeing demand for industry knowledge across the board: receptionists, shipping clerks, security guards, stock brokers, and marketers. A mining company is seeking a public relations manager who understands how recording gold sales on the […]

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A free guide for non-coders to learn blockchain tech in 6 months or less

So you want to learn about blockchain? The best time to start would have been 9 years ago. The second best time is right now. It’s not too late to be part of the movement. We all wish we had gotten involved earlier and don’t want to feel like we missed the opportunity. Many people just […]

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How to kickstart your blockchain career

When a new type of industry emerges, we find it perhaps not creating a job market, but an opportunity market, primarily serving thepeople who can help themselves to pieces of a rapidly growing pie. In this article I will outline some key opportunity areas of blockchain, and how you can become a contributing force within each of […]

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Getting a blockchain tech job — for non-coders

Before we start: a pre-requisite for this guide is that you have a basic knowledge of blockchain technology. If you don’t have that yet, start here with my list of free resources to learn about blockchain. So, you want to work for a blockchain company? Maybe you love crypto, or you believe in decentralization or even […]

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How to get your first blockchain Job? Part – 1

Recently a member on our Coinmonks Jobs telegram group asked us, “How to get your first blockchain Job?” This was really an interesting question, So we thought to write about it. Today we will look in a more generalized way, In upcoming blogs, we will go deeper and look at different jobs sectors in blockchain […]

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Smart contract Developer Jobs

Blockchain development thriving in bear market I think, till now everyone developer on the earth has heard about the blockchain. It’s the current buzzword. Though the Blockchain industry still needs a lot of talent to produce mainstream products. Today we’ll talk about smart contract development. In my view, a developer’s entry point to the blockchain […]

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Blockchain Job Interview Questions

Now Let’s deep dive into questions. Attribution – This article is written by Chirag Maliwal. You can say hello to him here. Q: What is the difference between Wei and Ether?A: Wei is a denomination, like cents to Dollars or pennies to Pounds. 1 ETH = ¹⁰¹⁸ Wei Q: What is the average block time in Ethereum?A: ~14 […]

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