November 12, 2018


A new era for decentralized applications and blockchain user experience.
  • Belgium
  • November 13, 2018

Company Information

PIRL is a blockchain implementation that strives to improve the accessibility of cryptocurrency and its related technologies; spurring an evolution of the crypto space through research, innovation, and dedication. The leading problem facing digital currencies is that people lack the technical knowledge to take advantage of them.

PIRLs goals are centered around the idea of the Poseidon platform, a place which simplifies the process, and creates a more intuitive experience for everyone. In order to achieve this, and prepare for mass adoption, PIRL will take the existing framework of the Ethereum network, and further enhance its capabilities, scalability, and stability.

A multi-tiered masternode network will lay the foundation for this process, bringing the concepts of decentralized currency, applications, and governance to a higher echelon.

PIRL Masternodes provide various services to complete the network infrastructure by providing 3 services - Security, Immutable Content and Decentralized Storage. Hosting a masternode will generate additional PIRL for its owner. The yield will vary due to the current count of masternodes on the network and the amount of time the masternodes stays online daily. Anybody can run a masternode!

Pirl Decentralized Applications: PirlApp is the All-In-One platform which fuses together the PIRL universe and delivers it in your hands. Your complete PIRL experience will be available on mobile and desktop devices allowing you to enjoy your favorite decentralized applications anywhere you like. PIRL team is developing and will provide various useful decentralized applications such as:

• Decentralized Live Streaming & Video Sharing - PirlTube

• Decentralized Escrow Protected Marketplace - PirlMarket

• Decentralized File Sharing & Storage - PirlStorage

• Decentralized Applications Explorer - PirlAppsStore

Together with the built-in decentralized applications PirlApp will be continuously updated with new useful applications giving the power of decentralization in users hands.

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