December 26, 2018

How to get your first blockchain Job? Part – 1

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Recently a member on our Coinmonks Jobs telegram group asked us, “How to get your first blockchain Job?” This was really an interesting question, So we thought to write about it. Today we will look in a more generalized way, In upcoming blogs, we will go deeper and look at different jobs sectors in blockchain industry more deeply.  

If you see as an industry blockchain is just another industry with blockchain and other decentralize technologies center to it. There are two types of blockchains around with industry is getting build.

  • Public blockchain 
  • private blockchain

Jobs around Public Blockchain technology 

When I say public blockchain, I mean Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Nem etc. Though there are more to decentralization, which we will discover in future blogs. 

Public blockchains are open and the industry dynamic around them are different than corporations using private blockchain. Public blockchain sector is currently far bigger than private blockchain sector.

  • Public blockchain projects are more ambitious and mission-driven for disrupting the current way of doing things.
  • Many start-ups are getting build on public blockchain compare to the private blockchain. 
  • Public blockchains have a big community around it and the community is a very important part to keep these blockchains alive.

Jobs on companies working in Public Blockchain space 

  • Public blockchain project and companies around it hire more freelance, remote workers currently.
  • There are multiple jobs like community management, bounty hunting, other financial and regulatory jobs (because of cryptocurrency aspect), which do not exist on private blockchain world. 

How to get your first Blockchain Job (Public Blockchain)?

There is a simple mantra, which you can apply for getting your foot in the blockchain industry.

  • Find a project
  • Start learning as much you can (Build something if you can)
  • Get involved in the community and contribute
  • Showcase your learning (By writing, creating videos or any way you can), help others and interact with potential employers.

Jobs around Private blockchain

When I say private blockchain, I mean Hyperleger, Corda, Quorum etc.

As private blockchains are used mostly by corporations and big companies, So private blockchains have different industry dynamics. Currently, private blockchain is not as big as public blockchains but It’s growing rapidly.

  • Public blockchain projects are more market-driven and trying to bring blockchain tech in the current market based on use cases (ex — Supply chain use case).
  • Currently, big companies, corporations and service providers and consultancy are mostly using and working on private blockchain technologies. 
  • Private blockchains communities are similar to other tech community, though communities can’t direct participants in private blockchain network. 

Jobs on companies working related to Public blockchain

  • As corporations mostly use private blockchain, so there are fewer chances to work remotely or on a freelance basis. Private blockchain industry jobs are more conventional in comparison to public blockchain industry. 

How to get your first blockchain Job (Private blockchains)?

As private blockchain market is conventional tech market, so there are mostly conventional jobs in all the sectors such as marketing, sales though as technology is different there are more opportunities for developers here. 

Getting a job in big coorperations works in a conventional way too. 

  • Build up your resume
  • Learn private blockchain technologies (also public blockchain tech), build something to showcase
  • Learn about use cases and how it can help current markets. 

Resources to Learn about Blockchain

You can read our previous blog about learning smart contract development and why you should learn it. Also, check out our blog about blockchain interview question for ethereum developer. 

We also run a blockchain/crypto education publication Coinmonks. Where we have curated thousands of educational stories, so you can check it and learn about different blockchain technologies and much more. 

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