March 22, 2019

Android R&D Engineer

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
The Newton Project
March 22, 2019
Job Type
android, java


Job description:

1. Responsible for the development of Android client product, helping other developers grow and make progress;
2. Participating in the analysis and design of products based on client requirements, cooperating with UI designers to complete initial testing based on product design;
3. Responsible for the development of subsequent iteration versions of the product, and continuously optimizing the quality, performance, and user experience of products.


1. At least 3 years experience in professional Java development; At least 2 years experience in Practical Android development experience; Familiar with characteristics and development features of Android mobile terminals; Able to solve common problems;
2. Familiar with Android components and session; Be able to reasonably allocate resources in the available session;
3. Familiar with common and custom controls, event mechanisms and gesture operations;
4. Proficient in Android performance and memory optimization; good at solving system crashes and compatibility, memory leaks and overflow;
5. Familiar with Android network communication mechanism, JSON analysis;
6. Familiar with Android common layout, animation and effect;
7. Familiar with Android platform screen adaptation and version compatibility;
8. Competent to work independently; Experienced in analyzing & re-writing Android source code;
9. Excellent communication skills and teamwork, work seriously and actively, rigorous and responsible;
10. Experience in the application of open source framework is preferred;
11. Familiar with Android testing tools and process, experienced in cross application coding test.