November 22, 2018

Lightning Infrastructure Engineer

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Lightning Labs
November 22, 2018
San Francisco, Redwood City, United States
Job Type
Salary range
$90k – $130k , 0.25% – 1.0%
Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Infrastructure, Security, Bitcoin, Go


Job Description

In addition to the core Lightning Network Daemon software and end-user applications, the Lightning Network ecosystem includes supporting systems like watchtowers (a form of backup), peer availability/network monitoring, fee estimation, currency conversion, and other services. We’re looking for a systems-oriented engineer to design and build out the key components that will support the initial bootstrapping and growth of the network. These tools will lower the barrier to entry for operating routing nodes[1] and enable existing routing node operators to more effectively manage their infrastructure.

An ideal candidate would have a strong passion for Bitcoin and a desire to make using Bitcoin cheap, fast, and simple for everyone.

- Write advanced software tooling for automated channel management and initial client channel selection (autopilot)
- Implement algorithms for ongoing capital management and optimization (fee maximization and capital efficiency)
- Design and maintain a suite of monitoring and alert infrastructure for routing nodes
- Develop and collect metrics to passively analyze of the health of the network based on graph and node level signals

- Experience building and operating secure, scalable, highly-available systems
- Experience developing and supporting publicly available APIs
- Familiarity contributing to open source projects preferred
- Go programming experience is ideal, but experience with Java, C++, NodeJS, and Python also relevant
- Security and adversarially-oriented mindset
- Knowledge of Bitcoin and applied cryptography; understanding of the Lightning Network protocol preferred

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