[ANN] [PURK] Purk - A Cryptocurrency for Donations, Tips & Private Payments


Purk is an open source, private and untraceable cryptocurrency that monetises your content and provides almost instant, worldwide privacy protected payments with minimal transaction fees. Based on Boolberry & CryptoNote technology, Purk helps balance CPU, GPU and ASIC mining speeds, which encourages fair and equal distribution whilst providing extremely fast block verification times.

Purk was created to help content owners and service providers monetise their website or application by accepting quick and easy micropayments from their users or customers. Website users can send Purk to a content owner or service provider to show appreciation for their hard work. By sending micropayments as a tip, it highly reduces the amount of monetisation that is needed on a website. Instead of using intrusive adverts, affiliate links, pop ups and sponsored posts, website owners can install the Purk Button and accept quick and easy payments to monetise their content or service instead. Not only does this reduce the amount of promotional clutter on a website, it also reduces costs on content writing and saves time by allowing your customers to tip/pay your writers or employees directly.


  • Purk Button
  • Wallet Address Aliases
  • Untraceable payments
  • Unlinkable Transactions
  • Analysis Resistant
  • Adaptive Limits
  • Self Funding


  • Algorithm: Wild Keccak
  • Supply: 179,424,673 PURK
  • Block target: 90 seconds
  • Emission curve: 21
  • Difficulty retargets every block
  • Block Reward=(MSupply − A) ]] 21 where A=supply mined to date
  • Current Block reward: 84.70 PURKs
  • Divisible by 6 decimal points
  • Default P2P Port: 10110
  • Default RPC Port: 10120
  • Premine: 0%
  • Development/PR Bounty: 0-1% (Controlled by votes)

Estimated Emission

  • Day 1 end at block 960 ~ 81294.167370 PURKs - Smoothly varying reward - Start 84.70
  • 1 Week end at block 6720 ~ 568278.462074 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • 2 Weeks end at block 13440 ~ 1134738.877447 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Month 1 end at block 29760 ~ 2502895.151882 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Month 2 end at block 58560 ~ 4891467.806383 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Month 6 end at block 176640 ~ 14348780.274436 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Year 1 end at block 350400 ~ 27332221.120194 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Year 2 end at block 701760 ~ 50516999.624666 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Year 6 end at block 2104320 ~ 112506831.201581 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Year 12 end at block 4207680 ~ 153743614.859489 PURKs - Reward decreases
  • Year 14.4 mths at block 5032604 ~ 161511857.081435 PURKs - min block reward / 7.685933
  • Year 16 end at block 5610240 ~ 165951531.454830 PURKs - min block reward / 7.685933
  • Year 21 end at block 7363200 ~ 179424673.000000 PURKs - min block reward / 7.685933

TOTAL SUPPLY: 179,424,673.000000 PURKs

Block Explorers

Official Block Explorer: https://explorer.purkproject.com

Mining Pools

Official Mining Pool: https://pool.purkproject.com



Purk Button

An open source button that gives publishers the ability to monetise their content, website or application and allows users to send Purk as a gratuity or tip in a couple of clicks.

Donations & Fundraising Platform

As a fully decentralised cryptocurrency, development updates should not be decided by a single, central authority. To ensure the natural progression of Purk we will start development on a donations and fundraising platform, where a community of Purk supporters, donee’s and donors can vote on development updates, advertising proposals and PR for Purk alongside other donation based projects that are listed by the community.

Redesign Wallet GUI

Complete redesign and development of the wallet GUI. One click mining directly from the wallet and additional wallet features to be implemented.

Optional Traceable Transfers

We propose to start development on a protocol for non-sensitive, traceable transfers that are inter-linkable, faster and cost less in transaction fees.

Instant Encrypted Messages

Instant messages that can be sent with donations using the Purk Button. Messages are untraceable, private and completely unlinkable.

Purk Pay

Development of Purk Pay Plugin for merchants to easily accept Purk as payment on their website for goods or services rendered. Seamless checkout integration for the most popular, open source ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce.

IOS and Android Wallet

Purk mobile client for iOS and Android. All of Purk’s standard wallet GUI functionality on mobile for decentralised, anonymous mobile payments.


The Purk Project utilises a contractor model that allows for new individuals, groups and companies to contribute to the Purk Project. Currently, Purk consists of a small number of contributing members who work on the project:

3+ developers who contribute to new code, maintain the current code and implement roadmap features in Purk’s open-source software and repositories.
3+ marketing contractors who actively market/advertise Purk through a number of mediums including; paid advertising, media, outreach and networking.
2+ graphic web/designers who work alongside the developers and marketing contractors and deliver all visual components for web applications, websites, software and advertising.


PURK: @ionictong
BTC: 16irMH3VZEKxZ4h3ZZq2NhGUfNskG6u61o