Best crypto for mining?


What is the best cryptocurrency for mining?


What can you advice?


I would recommend you to go for smaller cryptocurrencies, which have low cost of mining.


What if you could mine a cryptocurrency using a regular computer directly (no need to join a mining pool)? That is the goal of my pet project (a fork from Ethereum), you may check it here


I would like to recommend you cryptocurrency Ethereum for mining. And also highly recommend platform to earn Ethereum cryptocurreny named Stepium. Even if you are newbe in the cryptocurrency world, you will find it very easy to use Stepium. The advantage of the Stepium crypto platform is that the user does not need to register on all exchanges and have special trading skills. All you need to do is sign up & buying of a first contract to start off making money at once.


It depends on the experience level you have. If you have a sufficient amount of experience then you can go for cryptocurrencies which are even higher in rate. And if you don’t have sufficient level of knowledge then rather opt for currencies that are low in rate. Also, Adconity provides an opportunity to endorse your business with crypto-friendly advertising platform with maximum exposure. Visit the website for more info.


What can you say about mining in FTO?