buying and selling


Hello everybody, I’m Inska. I’m new to the crypto market and I’m looking forward to learning everything I need about this topic. Is there any official site I can trust? Where can I buy cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)? Or sell them?


Buy is from any exchange and check to learn anything about crypto …you can use searching feature to search any thing related


There are many different sites that provide you this kind of service, but most of it depends on what trends you are following. As you can see, Bitcoins are just one type among thousands of coins!!


Another coin which is gaining more and more popularity is DOGECOIN. It was born as a joke, but now many markets sell it, even CoinDeal


thomas is right. Bitcoin is just the most popular. Everyday there are new currencies going up and down, and you need to be open minded, to catch all of the opportunities out there.


Everyone follow Bitcoin. Without understanding investment is dangerous


Yes, it was the result of their 5th vote… I was thrilled to see how many people had voted for it.


Thank you, I was about to make the same mistake, because of the name… Now I see, Bitcoin is the most common, but there are probably many others which can be safer and beginner-friendly!!
I have another question, you said any exchange is good, but what about the one @marean55 suggested, have you ever used it?


BTW if you @ marean55 needed a few tips on how to trade on the CoinDeal platform then FuturoCoin released a very nice tutorial - you can find it here: in an easy way described what to do step by step. I used it myself for my first investments in the FTO.