Crypto Currency Correlation Matrix 90 Days


Its the concept of high betas and low betas. When BTC is declining/crashing, rescue your BTC or any other high beta (strong BTC correlation like for e.g. LTC) in a low beta (or fiat money)… But exchanges like binance, low betas are the best to save your funds.

there are coins with strong (high betas) a poor (low betas) correlation to BTC chart(s). LTC, for example, behaves somehow like using BTC as a “template”

so if you’re invested in LTC and BTC crashes/declines, you should go into a low beta to don’t lose as much money as you would while staying in LTC…

low betas to protect your savings/funds from bigger losses, instead of fiat money like USD respectively

you can translate low betas to “stablecoins” somehow

during last 90 days, XRP was low beta

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