cryptobitup trading


Cryptobitup is one of the best brokers I have ever worked with. I decided to start with minimal deposit and this was my forte. I lost almost whole deposit but I tested the transactions speed which surprised me. I invested more and now I am spending more time reading news and technical analytics on Cryptobitup website. Broker stays out of my trading and I open and close my operations when I want. Money withdrawal is no less important than reliable platform. I got 3 successful transfers, so I am happy to continue trading.


Thank you for information!


I have been trading on Cyptobitup because of minimal commissions. I worked on different platforms, but Cryptobitup offers the smallest commissions. The company might try to attract users. In any case, it’s great! And I’m going to trade here further. By the way, the company offers the assistance of professional personal brokers. Therefore, it’s much easier to make right decisions. Look at my small success


My friend is an experienced trader. He recommended me Cryptobitup.
I was skeptical about financial markets before, it seemed to me like casino.
Working with cryptobitup I totally changed my opinion. I realized one important thing. Market is not a casino if you approach the matter responsibly. Before opening a trade you must make a careful market analysis.
I get 20% every month. Thanks cryptobitup for this opportunity!


I’d always dreamed to make money with cryptocurrency before cryptobitup. Despite tones of positive reviews I am disappointed in working with this company.
Everything was fine at the very beginning. The managers motivated me to invest as soon as possible,saying I can take a part in super profitable trade or something like that. But then after I had funded my account I faced so many problems such as account verification. Seriously, why did they check my documents for 7 days??? Even then I had to send one document again cause i’d made a tiny mistake? Only having passed the verification I could withdraw my money.
The second thing I didn’t like is permanent errors in the platform that really made trading impossible.
I think you shouldn’t work with CryptoBitup.