Dorado coin (dor) ico scam


Since DORADO is an Incorporated firm we took the liberty of hiring two of the best Lawyer Companies from our country, also contacted a Switzerland lawyer company to work with us.

The DORADO company is incorporated here
Firma Food Forward Group GmbH
Adresse Baarerstrasse 10
PLZ/Ort/Kt 6302 Zug ZG
SIC 7372, 7374
Rechtsform GmbH
Gründungsdatum 28. Dezember 2017
Kapital Fr. 20000.

They posted alot of fake news regarding the growth, and big brands company like MC Donalds (check your email with the newsletter if you were registed).
(McDonalds joins 7400+ restaurants on our MVP)

All the claims made on the site like the 6227% growth is of a diferent company called foodoutgroup which we dont belive it (is it fiscal revenue? or the profits? soon we will find out, we are conducting an investigation regarding that also). its a company with 2/5 reviews, the application is not working,do to low ratings the reviews and inability to deliver, they got the facebook/google reviews are disabled completely.
The 6227% growth it`s imposible, we own a company with 300k real likes in Facebook and we didnt get that growth not to mention the ratings. 4.5/5

The logo is a clear copy of Dominos Pizza.

The DORADO price vs the ICO price went down brutally almost 80% after 2 days of listing.
They are mentioning that investors were selling the tokens. Nobody buys the token at 0.07$ and then sell it at 0.01$.
They said during the ICO the tokens will be burned, well guess what Nobody burned those tokens.
Nothing in this project happened only promises so people can bring the money in.
When the coin was listed on HITBTC, there was no announcement only after 4 hours, some trades were made during that 4 hours without notifying.

The BTC Volume its about 45BTC/Day with 1.5BTC Buying Orders, it’s imposibile to do that.
That volume existed for the last 7 days from listing. The price was manipulated badly, it`s imposibile to get that kind of volume without a trade BOT.
Also at that volume the price would raise 7 times.

Any post that you put on the telegram against this DORADO project disappears.
Enter the channel on the telegram to see the status of the project, 9445 persons complaining.

There is a big issue regarding the circulation tokens vs the max supply.
When u ask them for burned tokens u will receive the following answer:
“Soon we will announce” , “The team tokens are locked”.
Since the tokens were never burned, they are probably using it for price manipulation.

They basiclly filled there pockets with the peoples money and didnt invest the money in the coin.
Your money is in their pockets.

You drag the price down easly and buy more at 100 satoshi and double/triple your money easly at 200/300 satoshi?
Keep the price down and buying very very slow a very large quantity, or probablly your friends?
You dont need team tokens thats why they always give answers about team tokens.
So you can mentaly think only on the team tokens.
And when u raise the price, raise it from the peoples money? After you bought probablly 50 millions of dors?

The tokens were never burned so they can buy them for a very low price… if in circulation are 300 mil how can you buy 50 millions if they are owned by people?

Nobody can sell their tokens since they bought it on 0.07$, u can buy on 0.01 and sell it on 0.02 easly.

And you wanna know what they will tell you after they pump your money in?
Look we invested your money in the coin, after they bought millions on low price.

Be sure to check out this link:

If you invested also a large quanitity of money,then get the best lawyer company from your country.
Most of lawyers work on commision and you dont need to pay anything up front.
The company that loose will pay everything.

My lawyers are conducting investigation regarding:
Moneylaundring, Price Manipulation,Fake news.

My lawyers will contact Hitbtc (HIT Solution Ltd) regarding some answers, since both are incorporated companies.

You should wake up since they are incorporated company!