Futurocoin and the differences with Bitcoin


Should I invest in FTO? Why is it different from Bitcoin?


Hello! investing in FTO is now possible on five of the most used exchange platforms, if you are interested, just check their website!


Hi, nice questions, answering might take a long time though :sweat_smile:. Ok so basically FTO is a new kind of cryptocurrency. It was developed using Dash technology and, just like Bitcoin, it uses a p2p system. Futurocoin uses nodes too, but it also adds the so called Masternodes, which improve its process’ efficience. What’s more, with Bitcoin you have to await the transaction confirmation, which usually takes some minutes. Futurocoin has conceived a faster confirmation, which only needs 4 seconds.:rofl:


@ash3870 There are currently 7 platforms where you can trade FTO: Bitbay, Exrate, Yobit, Piyasa, Coindeal, SoutXchange, Coinbe. @marean55 I strongly recommend you to read their website, especially “White Papers” - impressive! And full of information about this currency.