Futurocoin! Hot or NOT?


Hey! Somebody know anything about futurocoin? My friend said I must (sic!) invest in it but he is from futurenet so I dont know if he has buisness in it or is it legit?


Hi! Same question here. I saw some ads but couldn’t find any trade platform to buy it. Any ideas?


I was searching for the same thing I saw an ad for futurocoin and was courious where can I even buy it?


My friend says that I should buy now becouse it will go up becouse the whole futurenet will start to use it but Im new to the whole crypto thing and not sure


I read that Futurocoin provides instant approval of the transaction with very low and constant payment transaction and now I also think about investing in this coin


I heard that it provides Futurenet, you need to find it here