Looking for a good community for discussion


I have had waves of intense interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for the past 5 years… recently after going back to bitcointalk.org forum, my account was hacked. I was able to freeze it, but the admins there gave me no way to get it back, so I lost 5 years worth of rep on my account.

The discussion there has gone WAY downhill in the past 5 years, so I'm on the search for greener pastures. Hoping that coinmonks might be it. 

I’m mainly interesting in discussing links between geopolitics and cryptocurrency, but also interested in conspiracy theories… for example. which cryptos are being backed by big banks or corporations, possibly covertly, plans by people behind some currencies to sabotage other currencies.

I also am interested in discussing application of cryptocurrency specifically with the aim of disrupting not just business applications but the very nature of the nation-state itself.

I don’t know, is this the right place? I’m getting pretty sick of “hodl” and “moon” talk… I need something a little deeper than all that. Am I in the right place here? If not, then where?