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Ormeus Coin (ORME) Airdrop is LIVE!

Use this link to signup & receive 5+ ORME FREE!

x 35,000 ORME Tokens up for grabs, don’t miss out!
You have 10 weeks to reffer as many users to our Telegram community

Sign up with Facebook or Email, use your unique referral link to share on social media & track referrals to earn MORE FREE ORME!

Top Prizes:
1st: x10,000 ORME + 3x Cold Storage Wallets
2nd: x5,000 ORME + 2x Cold Storage Wallets
3rd: x3,000 ORME + 1x Cold Storage Wallets
4th: x2,500 ORME
5th: x1,000 ORME

Random Weekly Pick: x1,000 ORME


To clarify, who receives free ORME during, and at the completion of the 10 week Airdrop…

  1. Everyone who signs up gets 5 free ORME. (ORME not given for each person that uses your referral)

  2. Top 5 positions will get Special Reward (Top Prizes) after the Airdrop finishes. (Finishes approximately 2 August 2018)

  3. After airdrop ends, you will receive an email where you will be able to fill in your ORME deposit address to receive your ORME.

  4. We will send an email out at the end of each week to new signups, you will have to enter your ETH/ORME address & Telegram username. If everything is correct you will receive your airdrop tokens!

Thank you for participating and sharing our vision with others :slight_smile:

ORME Whitepaper 2.0

Ormeus Coin Wallet - Beta
Ormeus Reserve Vault - Beta

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