What is Internxt and why you should be excited about it


Internxt is revolutionizing the decentralized cloud storage space. In just less than a year post ICO they are on the verge of launching their beta product.

“Here at Internxt, we are disrupting thrilling industries through the use of revolutionary technology. We are creating a range of innovative products and services that strive to substitute those which are currently massively adopted. Our first service, X Cloud (available in summer 2018), is a distributed, highly secure, cloud storage service which strives to compete with services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.”

They have secured a partnership with crypto giant (Civic) and mainstream titan (BlackBerry). This combination of crypto support and mainstream is something to be impressed with. Also, they are just a 2M market cap with a limited total supply of less than 700k. With that combination alone, this coin is poised to blow up.

This is a project that is worth considering and I urge everyone to check out further!